Trough Belt Conveyor for Different Purposes

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trough belt conveyor

A trough belt conveyor is used for various purposes like short-distance moving, heavy lifting, and assembly. The belt is usually made from rubber or PVC and experiences a constant elongation during the conveyor movement. Convey long tons of objects. Also, handle gradual inclines above even long runs of 150 or so. This type of conveyor is used to transport different type of loads such as, bulk grains, raw materials, finished products, vehicles, and containers.

How to Know Trough Belt Conveyor for Different Purposestrough belt conveyor

There are several types of belt conveyors including, flatbed, wire mesh, wire belt, boom, and off-track systems. Flat bed and wire mesh conveyors are commonly used in assembly and manufacturing process. Boom and off-track systems are used for short distance moving and transportation of large objects. The quality of the product and service offered depends on the type of the conveyor chosen.

For instance, a flatbed conveyor has a fixed surface, while an off-track conveyor has a hanging surface, usually constructed of poles, which rest against each other and move with the concave curve of the trough bed. In addition, the type and size of the product being transported affects the type of conveyor needed. In case of bulk materials, the conveyor should be capable of handling the weight of the load being moved. If the material being transported is light, then a wire mesh conveyor is the best option while if heavy materials are being moved, then a boom or a trough belt conveyor is more suitable.

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